Superintendents Office 214 N Critz St, Wiggins, MS 39577 (601) 928-7247 National Maintenance Day 2024 is observed on Thursday, January 18, 2024, You might like the Special Days in January, National Maintenance Day 2021 is observed on Monday, January 18th, 2021, National Maintenance Day 2022 is observed on Tuesday, January 18th, 2022, National Maintenance Day 2023 is observed on Wednesday, January 18th, 2023, National Maintenance Day 2024 is observed on Thursday, January 18, 2024. Or h, ave someone man the grills and serve a BBQ lunch by the pool., A Yeti tumbler for when theyre on or off the clock, Amazon gift cards to let them shop for their own favorites. Plan a mix of meals, giveaways and events. Warmer weather is coming so its a great opportunity to expand outdoors. Themes work well and allow you to get creative. Superheroes or Shining Stars would make your maintenance week stand out against other communities. If your team is the competitive type, you could design a Maintenance Olympics theme and have some daily challenges.complete with prizes! For managers, consider writing a a personal note or email for each of your team members on Employee Appreciation Day. Whether its taking on daily maintenance tasks, listening for ways to go above and beyond for our customers, or jumping into action in the middle of the night to tackle an emergency call, our maintenance teams are responsible for keeping our communities and offices up to the Venterra standard. Recognize the vital role of pharmacy technicians in supporting pharmacists and pharmacy operations. Appreciate the road warriors that deliver goods to us in all kinds of conditions. Benefits of Peer to Peer Recognition Best Practices for Virtual Employee Recognition slow down the Great Resignation with appreciation, 22 Awesome Employee Recognition Gift Ideas, 9 Tips for How to Choose Employee Recognition Software, Best Practices for Virtual Employee Recognition, Employee Recognition in the Modern Workplace. But despite the challenge of changing working environments, the research showed that remote workers were still engaged in their work. Location Click to reveal Check out Blue Mountain, PunchBowl, and 123Greetings. For example, Group Deposits is a built-in feature of O.C. Many items included in this file so that you can pick and choose! Appreciate all the working parents out there who not only work a full-time job but also care for children, the household, and themselves. Read why in the important article, slow down the Great Resignation with appreciation. Acknowledge the importance of strong employer-employee relations to the success of any business and take time to connect with and appreciate employees. Employee appreciation day focuses on employees across all industries and is a day to celebrate and recognize all achievements and contributions. So be sure you have a. where employees and leaders can recognize and appreciate great work. Your IP: In the meantime, check out theRPM Careers Week 2022 Winners. 9 Tips for How to Choose Employee Recognition Software Celebrate the hard work and dedication of community managers and vendors who work in the social media space. The option to deploy this type of reward may already be an option inside your employee recognition program. Highlight the necessary work of translators and language professionals in helping others clearly and smoothly communicate in international circles. Raise awareness of the role of health information professionals in the medical field whose work helps document the progress of medicine and enhances healthcare. Acknowledge the critical role of IT system administrators in keeping the virtual world running, from troubleshooting and fixing issues to enabling businesses to reach their audience. Tanners Culture Cloudhelps companies improve their employee experience, reduce employee turnover, andmake employees feel appreciated, every day. Appreciate the contributions of skilled administrative professionals to the economy and help support their development in the field. Bring in a local artist or band to perform for your team members. Give your facilities teams the recognition they deserve. Show gratitude for the important work of pharmacists, especially their enormous efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Theyre also highly customizable and dont have to cost an arm and a leg to get your point across. Put down the phone, and block as many distractions as you can to focus on key tasks. What are some ideas tocelebrate Employee Appreciation Day 2023? Dont settle for cheap items that employees will throw away. Here are 25 books on buildings, leadership, and design you may want to look into for your facilities team members. Provide sticky notes to staff members and have them write uplifting messages for your maintenance team. April 2023 . Venterra Leaders are always looking to find ways to create WOW moments for all the individuals on their teams, but Maintenance Appreciation Week is set aside each year to create unique and personalized surprises for our talented and hard-working maintenance crews, and this year certainly didnt disappoint! Maintenance Worker Appreciation Day Friday, March 3, 2023 Add to Calendar March 3rd, is Maintenance Worker Appreciation Day! Show gratitude for the important work of pharmacists, especially their enormous efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pay tribute to the generations of Asian and Pacific Islanders who have enriched Americas history and are instrumental to its success. Dust off your pens, sharpen your typing skills and write a memo (or two!) ICYMI: The Benefits of Employee Recognition for School Staff. To learn more about SyncHR, click here. Draw attention to Americas laborers and convey your admiration, respect, and gratitude for all they do. Appreciate the rich architectural works of the ancient and modern world and the talented people who design them. Breeze through your to-do list like an absolute champ. Its vital to appreciate all of your organizations employees. Spread awareness about company culture this September and explore how to improve your own company culture into something engaging and inclusive for everyone. You can also create a special event to celebrate the occasion. When employees feel appreciated, there is an84% decrease in the chance they will experience burnout. ALL PROJECTS 2 Read Across America Day . You may think that no one notices your hard work, but we do each and every day. Include an insulated mug along with coffee grounds, tea bags, or hot chocolate mix. Thank them for their assistance and support when something goes wrong. Recognize the long way American businesswomen have come in our society and continue to advocate for women in the workplace. 6 National School Social Work Week - Mar. This is a perfect opportunity to honor their laborious work that often goes uncredited. Remember the many workers who have died or been injured while helping to build a more livable and comfortable society, and take the opportunity to show support for workers rights. Celebrate biking to work, healthy living, and safer transportation by taking part in a host of biking-related activities around the country. Copyright 2023 PrimePay, All rights reserved. Tight budget? Maintenance Worker Appreciation Day - March 4, 2022. Are there other reasons to celebrate employees on Employee Appreciation Day? Appreciate the contributions of skilled administrative professionals to the economy and help support their development in the field. Feature them on the front page of your intranet site. Effective and experienced manager of Turnarounds, Capital, Maintenance, and Special Projects Check thislist of quotesfor examples. Or beautify your organizations grounds by planting flowers, pulling weeds, or picking up litter. 13-19 National Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week - Mar. Give your kid(s) a glimpse into the working world, help them learn about your job specifically, and even spark their career interest. A CEO or executive message will mean a lot to your people on Employee Appreciation Day. You can even include a handwritten thank you note or a copy of the recipe card. Honor the great entrepreneurs who built businesses and empires from the ground up and help shape the way we live today. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. Master the art of communication to improve clarity, make better decisions, and operate more effectively. Support a local franchise and spread the word about their products and services. Share your thoughts and insight with your organizations facilities team. Group Deposits are extremely fast and easy to plan and deploy. Provide lunch for the team from their favorite local restaurant and give them some time off to enjoy it! Every year, in the last week of October, we celebrate the important role that facility team members have in ensuring a safe and efficient environment for all patients, residents, visitors and staff within hospitals. When Is Employee Appreciation Day/Week Employee Appreciation Day in the United States is always on the first Friday of March. Copyright 2023 SyncHR | All Rights Reserved, National employee and workplace days are prime, morale-boosting opportunities for employee recognition that goes beyond the usual celebrations of a promotion or specific milestone. During your employee appreciation week, you can focus on your workers' wellness, financial or health-wise. The O.C. Maintenance Appreciation Event Ideas One day is hardly enough to fit in all the appreciation efforts. Your email address will not be published. Paid day off who wouldnt love extra PTO?! Ensure your gift is meaningful to employees and helps them feel connected to your company. Go the extra mile by doing a little detective work to learn your teams favorite flavors and treats. Venterra Realty Management Company. This is a list of holidays that relate to staff appreciation such as Teacher Appreciation Week or Maintenance Workers Day! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Celebrate our countrys payroll professionals who do the critical work of paying Americas employees. By using this website you agree to our use of cookies. From FORTUNE. You dont need a fancy camera, expensive software, or extensive tech knowledge to make a video that rocks. We would like to thank all of our maintenance workers for keeping up all the buildings at Albuquerque Public Schools. 4 National Dentists Day - Mar. Theyll be glad you took the time to notice who they are and what they do. 6-12 Registered Dietician Nutritionist Day - Mar. Include details and be specific in how you express your appreciation. by Ashley Pavlovich | Apr 26, 2021 | Blog, Maintenance Appreciation. We are here to support you with efficient, accurate, and cost-effective workforce management solutions to help you achieve this, 3 HR Efficiency & Cost Benefits of Employee Self-Service & Mobile, 5 Ways to Keep Your Benefits & Compensation Package Adaptable, 5 Ways to Position Your Organization to Thrive During & After a Recession. Honor the garbage men and women who collect our garbage and facilitate the disposal process that helps keep our society clean. Explore the RPM Careers Week Toolkit resources. Performance & security by Cloudflare. 2. It doesnt cost a thing to write a nice blurb and post a photo of your facilities teams. 2 Read Across America Day 3 Maintenance Worker Appreciation Day 5-11 National School Social Worker Week 6-10 National School Breakfast Week 12 Daylight Saving Time (turn clocks ahead 1 hour) Give your maintenance team the spotlight and show them off on your socials. Feature one or two people a day for the whole Maintenance Appreciation Week. Your residents will get a chance to meet the team and your staff will feel the glow of the spotlight. Be sure to feature their photo and some fun details about their background. You can do a Q&A with the team to prompt their responses and post the best answers online. Residents will love seeing the team that takes care of their apartments each and every day. Tanners Culture Cloud. And if youre a parent of a young student or a leader at an elementary school, this is your chance to make teachers feel valued. Find a week that works for your portfolio or property and block off some days. Youll want to pick one event per day and pair it with some social media posts (more on this to come below! 5. Acknowledge the invaluable efforts of compliance officers in ensuring safe, ethical work environments that follow laws, regulations, and requirements. 6-12 Dental Assistants Recognition Week - Mar. Highlight the necessary work of translators and language professionals in helping others clearly and smoothly communicate in international circles. Inexpensive Employee Appreciation Ideas. Acknowledge the great and dedicated bosses out there who shoulder many business responsibilities and keep the workplace humming. Lead Joyfully - Gail Boulton. 2022-2023 Dates to Remember mm S E P T . Swap roles with the boss or an employee for a day and get a direct experience of the others work responsibilities. Maintenance Worker Appreciation Day - March 4, 2022 $ 3.75 Buy now OR Add to cart SKU: APP14909 Categories: Appreciation Days, Staff Activities Description Reviews (0) Description A ready-to-go download to THANK the hard-working maintenance workers in your life! Important note: This is not an exhaustive list and may be updated throughout the year. Work & Occupation. You can also give them branded clothing or gear featuring your company logolike a long-sleeve tee or a backpack. Pay tribute to the generations of Asian and Pacific Islanders who have enriched Americas history and are instrumental to its success. Recognize the difficult and dangerous job of mining and show support for the miners whose hard work makes a difference in society in countless ways. Our holiday gift guide for facility managers is full of fun, practical gifts your facilities team is sure to love. People love to feel appreciated, which is why taking the time to create a thank you video is the perfect way to express your gratitude to your maintenance team. Spread the love for your maintenance and custodial teams even further by sharing social media posts. Venterra Named One of the 2023 Best Workplaces in Canada, Paid Time Off at Venterra Just Got Even Better. Bring focus to the critical and growing role of medical assistants who do everything from running the front office to drawing blood to checking patients vital signs and more. Appreciate all the many passionate zookeepers who dont just care for the animals in the zoo but also teach us about them. If you plan a celebration in the office, also make efforts to include remote workers in the celebration. Highlight the effort and dedication of the transportation sectors workers in providing transportation services to the population and improving living standards as a result. Recognize the long way American businesswomen have come in our society and continue to advocate for women in the workplace. Thank accountants everywhere for crunching the numbers for our schools, banks, businesses, government institutions, and so much more. The importance of employee recognition became much more apparent since back in 1995, and nowadays, there are multiple holidays meant for recognizing your employees' work throughout the year. Health and Wellness Initiatives. O.C. National Educational Support Professionals Day: Appreciate the hard work and dedication of education support professionals who help students inside and outside the classroom through a variety of valuable services. Gather your facilities teams together for a special toast. We use cookies to make interactions with our websites and services easy and meaningful. Celebrate the workplace evolution that allows us to be productive outside the office and from anywhere in the world we call home.. Maintenance Worker Appreciation Day - March 4, 2022. by . Host an office party or an after-work get-together for your staff. 9 Patient Safety Awareness Week - Mar. Wondering where we find all of these Days, or if theyre even real? Celebrate Elizabeth Blackwells birthday the first female doctor in the U.S. and honor all women doctors across the country. When you want to show appreciation to everyone at your organization on Employee Appreciation Day all at once, a Group Points Deposit is a great choice. cjis clearance requirements, dog mastitis home treatment, pictures of chaz bono as a child,
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