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Vedanta in Bhagavata

A course that weaves faith with knowledge, going beyond the surface level of understanding so we can rise in love.

Power Hour

A course for high school students on the ultimate self Unfoldment.

Upanishad Course

An advanced course on finding oneself in the Fundamentals.

Happy Hour

A course for elementary and middle school students on smiling with values and virtues.

100 Steps to Infinity

A weekly course for seekers of all stages on merging knowledge into everyday living through discourse, discussion, and dialogue.


A course in Hindi and English on invoking your personal best. In learning about Bhagavan Sri Rama, we become Bhagavan Sri Rama!

About Chinmaya Mission

The Chinmaya Mission Northwest Indiana Center was established in 2002. It has now evolved into an organization serving the entire Indian community in Northwest Indiana. Chinmaya Mission is an excellent opportunity for spiritual learning.

Contact Info

"Chinmaya Omkara", 8705 Merrillville Road, IN 46410

219-513-8647, 219-730-8276

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