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Chinmaya Mission Northwest Indiana warmly invites you to our monthly Bhajan Sandhyas, a soul-stirring gathering that fosters unity, spiritual growth, and a sense of community among its members. 

These events, traditionally held at members’ residences on a rotation basis, have become a cherished tradition for our spiritual family.

The resident acharya from Chinmaya Mission Northwest Indiana graciously attends our Bhajan Sandhyas, enriching the gathering with divine presence.

Satsangs and blessings from our resident acharya contribute to creating an atmosphere of profound spirituality and connection. 

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or any significant milestone in your life, the Bhajan Sandhyas provide a beautiful and meaningful way to mark these occasions.

In response to the challenges posed by unprecedented times, we’ve adapted by shifting our Bhajan Sandhyas online. 

Our dedicated members continue to host these events on rotation, maintaining the sacred tradition even in the virtual realm. 

We encourage you to join these online gatherings, either as a participant or by signing up to share your voice in devotional singing.

What can you expect from our Bhajan Sandhyas?

1. Inclusive Atmosphere: A festive environment where Chinmaya Mission Northwest Indiana members of all ages and musical backgrounds are encouraged to participate.

2. Family-Centric Devotion: An opportunity for families to come together in devotion, exposing children to music, rhythm, and different languages in a serene setting.

3. Engaging Stories: Our resident acharya will kick off each event with captivating stories, making it a delightful experience for children and adults alike.

In alignment with our vision, we aspire for our Bhajan Sandhyas to be led by children, following the model set by other Chinmaya Mission centers. To support this vision, we have provided audio recordings for all Bhajan Sandhya Shlokas, ensuring a seamless chanting experience during the event.

Please note the structure of our Bhajan Sandhyas:

Shlokas: Chanted in order, with no lead and follow. These are the invocation and concluding prayers.

Bhajans: Led and followed. We recommend someone from the same family to lead and follow the bhajans to minimize microphone and screen switches.

If you have volunteered to lead a bhajan, kindly keep track of the order and unmute yourself only when your turn arrives. Join us for a blissful experience of devotion, music, and spiritual connection at our upcoming Bhajan Sandhya.

About Chinmaya Mission

The Chinmaya Mission Northwest Indiana Center was established in 2002. It has now evolved into an organization serving the entire Indian community in Northwest Indiana. Chinmaya Mission is an excellent opportunity for spiritual learning.

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"Chinmaya Omkara", 8705 Merrillville Road, IN 46410

219-513-8647, 219-730-8276

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