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“We may often give without love, but we can never love without giving.”- Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda

If you are inspired by the work we do, we seek your support and encouragement. Please contribute generously and become a part of our vision to serve the community

All activities and yagnas (spiritual discourses) are organised by Chinmaya Omkara volunteers. Thanks to the generosity of public donations and support. Help us in our efforts “to give maximum happiness to the maximum number for the maximum time”. There are many ways to contribute as described below.

Donations can be made online through Paypal.

If you wish to contribute offline, please download the donation form and mail it along with Payment to the address below.

Chinmaya Mission NWI-Omkara, 8705 Merrillville Rd, Merrillville IN 46410

For further information contact
Sriram Gopalan @ (256)468-7333

Donate via Paypal

Paypal is a great option for e-transfer, especially in US

Paypal account or credit card

You can either use your paypal account or just use your credit card (without creating a paypal account).

Donate one-time or monthly

Some seekers commit a larger amount to mark an occasion or contribute to a relevant cause. Some seekers make giving a part of their lifestyle with a recurring donation.

Secure and instant

The donation is through a safe network (paypal) and instantly gets transferred. You will get an acknowledgement right after the completion.

Donate via Cheque

Cheques might be slower, but its certainly simple!

Please make the cheque to “CHINMAYA MISSION NWI” only and mail to below. 

“Chinmaya Omkara”,

8705 Merrillville Road, IN 46410

About Chinmaya Mission

The Chinmaya Mission Northwest Indiana Center was established in 2002. It has now evolved into an organization serving the entire Indian community in Northwest Indiana. Chinmaya Mission is an excellent opportunity for spiritual learning.

Contact Info

"Chinmaya Omkara", 8705 Merrillville Road, IN 46410

219-513-8647, 219-730-8276

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