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Review Introduction Back in the day, people were engaged in sadhana which involved fire and had a system which involved arani.   Arani has a top cup, a bottom cup and a rod.  The rod is rubbed until a spark occurs and helps the lint catch fire.   This is from the perspective of karma kanda.  The

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What is Supreme?

What is Supreme? Introduction A toddler asks about themselves (jiva) A child asks about creation (jagat) An adult asks about consciousness (jagadeeshwara) Prince Arjuna’s questions flow in the same format. Each question of his evolves.  In Bhagavad Gita Chapter 13, verse 1 there are six questions:  What is Prakriti (Matter)?  That which is experienced What

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What is Knowledge?

What is Knowledge? Introduction In Katha Upanishad Chapter 2, Verse 5, it says: ya i̱mam madhva̍daṁ ve̱da̱ ā̱tmāna̍ṁ jīva̱m anti̍kāt | ī̱śānam bhūta̍-bhavya̱sya̱ na̱ tato viju̍gupsate | e̱tad vai tat  We are madvadah – one who lives their life based on deservership, focusing on the fruits of their action. However, we can become the isha of bhuta and bhavya- knowers of the past

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Pariksha Introduction In our culture, 2 great leaders were Bhagavan Rama and Raja Prithu. The word Prithvi, meaning Earth, came from Prithu because he cared for the Earth as a daughter.  He shared that the 3 primary responsibilities of a ruler are to protect the people or provide ease, to provide employment or engagement and to provide education that promotes

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What is Devotion?

What is Devotion? Introduction Prince Arjuna loves his individuality – body, mind, intellect and ego.  He loves his family also. Bhagavan Krishna is guiding him to love the Self/the Atman/Spirit because the Self is in All.  The second portion of Gita focuses on Tat- Bhagavan Krishna.  Review- Focus of: Chapter 7: Internalize.  This is a

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