Living the Gita RAWs -

Living the Gita RAWs

Living the Gita RAWs

RAW for Week 1 — Sep 17, 2020
Print out Prince Arjuna’s Questions. Read, write, and complete reflections.

RAW for Week 2 — Sep 24, 2020
Whenever your mind is disturbed — drink a glass of water and feel that it is calming your mind. 

If that doesn’t help — wash your hands with soap and then don’t moisturize your hands after.

RAW for Week 3— Oct 1, 2020
Identify 3 engagements/activities that you are doing that you know to be wrong — you are knowingly doing this and know that it is wrong.

RAW for Week 4 — Oct 8, 2020
Buy a physical planner ! Have it ready to show/hold it up in class !

RAW for Week 5 — Oct 15, 2020
Identify and dissect the saddest/lowest point of your life.

RAW for Week 6 — Oct 22, 2020
How are you ‘Living the Gita’ — share 2 ways

RAW for Week 7 — Oct 29, 2020
~No more RAW’s — Please reflect in your ‘Prince Arjuna’s Questions’ book and share your reflections/learning here so we can all grow together.

RAM — May 20, 2021
Every Thursday for 1 hour, review and reflect on 3 PAQs.

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