Pranams to Sita Mata -

Pranams to Sita Mata

Pranams to Sita Mata

Summary of last session (March 27) by Shri. Mohan Khandekar

Shri Vijayji started the session by reciting Shloka 4 of pratham sopan of Balkand which sings Glories of Seeta, Muni Valmiki (Kavishwar) and Hanumanji (Kapishwar)He then captured the essence of Sortha 17.

17:1 Tulsidasji offers his pranam to Kings Sugreev, Jambvant and Bibhishan.

Vijayji’s comments: Prostrating at the feet indicates offering respect to their qualities.

In spite of being animals or demons, Tulsidasji pays respects  because they are true devotees of Shri Ram. Realization can happen to anyone, any time and in any form. 

17:3 The importance of the Rishis and Munis mentioned here has a detailed description in Bhagvatam .

Shuk represents detachment and dispassion (वैराग्य . Sanak adi Rishis represent knowledge (ज्ञान) and Shri Narad stands for devotion (भक्ती). 

17:4  What do the two feet (जुग पद) of Sita represent? One foot for prosperity or wealth (ऐश्वर्य) and other for tender affection (माधुर्य). 

Sita is Shri Ram’s strength (शक्ती), Sita represents creation and sustenance. 

Sita can assist true devotees to “meet” Ram by destroying the sins (mukti). 

Sita is Vidya Maya, Sita is Avidya Maya too. She is the source of Bhakti as well as jeevanmukti.  

Santji is therefore giving equal importance to both, knowledge and devotion. 

Jai Shri RamPlease join us for the next pravachan onApril 3 

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