Pravrtti and Nivrtti Marg -

Pravrtti and Nivrtti Marg

Pravrtti and Nivrtti Marg

Summary of last session (January 15) by Shri Mohan Khandekar.

Shri Vijay ji started the session by explaining creation and about our nature as per shastra. 

Who are we and what’s our nature? It can be divided into four quarters:

We don’t know our nature.

We, as well as others, know our nature

We don’t but others know our nature

No one but only Ishwar knows our nature.

Vijay ji connected these statements with characters in Geeta by explaining the nature of Sanjay, Arjun and Shri Krishna and referred to shlokas from chapter 2 and 7, They depict the impartial nature of Sanjay, confused, dejected Arjun and the words of knowledge imparted by Shri Krishna. 

In the same way, one needs to study deeply to get the true essence of Ramcharit Manas. 

He brought our attention to 36:1 where Tulsidas Ji starts with these lines: सप्त प्रभंध सुभग सोपाना

These सप्त प्रभंध signify सप्त कांड of Ram Charit Manas. All the initial prayers (मंगलाचरण) are related to different chapters.

1  Varnamarthsanghanam(वर्णानामर्थासंघांनां) is connected to Balkand.

2 Bhavanishankarau(भवानीशंकरौ) is connected to Ayodhyakand and relates to devotion and faith.

3 Vande Bodhmaya (वंदे बोधमय) is connected to Aranyakand (Guru Mahima)

4. Kapishcarau (कापिश्वराऊ) is connected to Kishkindhakand, narrating glories of Seeta ji

5. This shloka is related to Sundarakand where Hanumanji pays respect to Sitaji

6. Yanmayaa (यनमाया) is related to Lankakand which touches upon the principles of Vedanta

7. Swantsukhaya (स्वान्त:सुखाय) is connected to Uttarakand which describes Jivamukti.

36:7 This describes pure devotion. Shri Vijay ji gave an example of Navdaha bhakti by Shabri and Prahlad. 

Doha 37: Here Tulsidas ji compares Ramcharit to a delightful lush garden where beautiful chirping birds reside.  

The one who can absorb the beauty of it is no one but a pure minded gardener who waters the garden (a devotee with firm conviction). 

37:1 “Those who recite with extreme respect and devotion are the true recipient of the knowledge of Ramcharit (सुरबर मानस अधिकारी)”. 

Tulsidas ji declares when comparing Ramcharit to the lake. Here Vijay ji directed our attention to Kathopanishad and Geeta, which talks about Shreyas and Preyas.  

We, in our life, walk on the path of Preyas. On the contrary Nachiketa and Arjuna wanted to walk on the path of Shreyas. 

 Geeta also talks about Pravritti and Nivritti Marg.  We overlook Nivritti (detachment) and run after Pravritti (material world).

37:2/3 Tulsidas ji continues with the metaphor of lake.  He compares cunning and devious people to Heron and Crow.  

They are deceitful and only interested in the prey, such as snails, frogs and grass which are not to be found in this pristine lake. 

The negative intentions become obstacles to these people and create difficulty coming close to this lake. 

Only those who have blessings of Shri Ram can approach.

37:4/5  The road to the lake is gruelling and full of barriers such as lust, greed and family attachments.  

Tulsidas ji compares them to the lethal animals, thick dark forests, large mountains and dangerous rivers. 

Vijay ji’s comments: Obligatory duties restrain us from spirituality.

Doha 38: Without devotion, blessings of saints and love of Shri Ram one cannot walk on this path. 

Jai Shree Ram

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