Ramayana Class Review -

Ramayana Class Review

Ramayana Class Review

After a short break Shri Vijay ji resumed with Ramcharitmanas discourse. 

He started by explaining the meaning of Mangalacharan and Ramayan. 

Ram represents the Supreme Reality and Ayanam (अयनम) stands for two meanings: Goal or Path. 

He further explored the four questions of Vedanta and relationships between Jeeva, Jagat, Ishwar and Brahman (जीव जगत ईश्वर & ब्रह्मन्).

Vijay ji then discussed the meaning of Ramcharitmanas and narrated the gripping story of the author Sant Tulsidas and His inspiration behind writing this epic granth (ग्रंथ)

He ended his pravachan by explaining the intricate details of first shloka (श्लोक) of Balkand.

We will continue with 3 more reviews.

Hari Om!

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