Surrender to Guru -

Surrender to Guru

Surrender to Guru

Shri Vijayji started the session with Doha 1:1 which focuses on the glories of the Guru. 

By surrendering to the Guru, we are able to purify our mind and get clarity of the knowledge.

1:2 This Doha illustrates the importance and qualities of Brahaman (ब्राह्मण). 

Vijay ji further talked about the difference between Brahaman and Pandit. 

The second line talks about Sajjan (सज्जन). There was further discussion about characters of sajjan, sadhu and sant (सज्जन साधू and संत). 

Vijayvji described their qualities in detail.

1:3 This Doha compares qualities of Sant (संत) to the cotton.

!;4 In this Doha Sant Tulsidas colates the Saint to the pilgrimages. 

Vijayji talked in detail about the sacred rivers namely Ganga, Sarswati and Yamuna.

1:6 describes an unwavering faith towards the Saints. Detaching from the worldly objects will lead to sainthood.

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