Who are Saints? -

Who are Saints?

Who are Saints ?

Summary of last session (November 7) by Shri. Mohan Khandekar ji .

Shri Vijay ji started his discourse with Doha 3क. Here Sant Tulsidas offers his respects to the saints (साधू). 

He compares them to the hands holding a flower with fragrance. 

Just like the fragrance spreads over both hands equally, saints bless everyone uniformly, may he be a friend or a foe.

3 ख: Tusidas ji offers prayers (प्रार्थना) to Shri Ram. Vijay ji explored the four key aspects of प्रार्थना.

KNOW, to whom you are praying. This will help to understand His powers.

RELATION (संबंध): Be close to Him, physically and mentally. Offer Him time and money. This is pure devotion.

DEMAND: You must surrender to Him without ego to request His grace (कृपा)

WALK THE TALK: Your actions must match your convictions.

Rest of Doha is about Sant Tusidas ji offering his respects to the evil, angry and people with negative thoughts (दुष्ट) by illustrating stories of Rahu, Ketu, Yamraj and Kumbhakarna.

Shri Vijay ji ended his talk with the importance of satsang (सत्संग), listening (श्रवण) and contemplation(मनन). Devotion (भक्ती) being the last destination.

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