Blessings from Lord Shiva -

Blessings from Lord Shiva

Blessings from Lord Shiva

Summary of last session (February 27) by Shri. Mohan Khandekar ji.

14:1 Shri Tulsidas is singing glories of rivers Ganga and Sarswati. 

Vijay ji explained: These rivers originate from Manassarovar. Bathing in them not only cleans you externally but cleanses your sins. 

Ganga purifies devotion, Sarswati purifies the knowledge and Yamuna purifies your actions.

14:2 Santji prostrates to Shivji, who in his mind is everything (father, mother and Guru). 

The word प्रनवाहू, is used to describe Lord Shiva, means the one who keeps on giving. Shri Vijayji explained the dual meaning of the shloka which describes Shri Ram establishing Shivlinga in Rameshwar.

14:3 Vijayji elaborated the meaning of Sabar Mantra.

14:4 Tulsidas Ji delightfully expresses that Ramcharitmanas to be prasad from Shiv-Parvati.

14:5/6: He credits blessings from Shiv-ji for his poetry and compares Him with a brightly shining moon in a dark night.

Doha: Vijay Ji’s comments: Dreams are of two types, the one that we experience routinely and the other where we have a dialogue with God. 

Tulsidas Ji is seeking blessings of Shiv ji and Ma Parvati in dreams so his poetry can be appealing to everyone.

Jai Shri Ram

Harih Aum!

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