Entering Ayodhya -

Entering Ayodhya

Entering Ayodhya

Summary of last session (March 13) by Shri Mohan Khandekar ji.

15:1 Meaning of the word Avadh (अवध): where there is no destruction.  The name of Ram is indestructible. 

Ayodhya also means a place where there is no killing. (Shri Vijayji narrated a story related to river Sharyu).  

Shri Tulsidasji offers humble pranam to the residents of Ayodhya, who are blessed by Shri Ram. 

15:2/3/4:  Offering pranam to Kaushalya, who represents the east or sun. Sun is a source of heat or knowledge. 

The sun passes on this knowledge through a beautiful moon.  Here Shri Ram is compared to the soft glow of the moon. 

Ramji’s name is also being compared to the lotus which never dies. 

16, 16:1 : Sant-ji offers his respects to King Dashrath, who he considers to be very special for two reasons. 

One Dasrath is a creation of Brahma and other is he being a father of Ram. Therefore he is singing Glories of king Dashrath.  Shri Ram was the Real love of King Dashrath. 

Shri Vijay ji beautifully explained King Dashrath and his three queens in relation to BMI chart and three Gunas

The word videhu (विदेहू) means the one without a body (no body identification). King Dashrath did not have body identification. 

We need the body to do actions.  Righteous actions will purify our minds which will lead to be free from bondage. 

Vijay ji narrated a story of Muni Vishwamitra enquiring King Dashrath the identity of two radiant rajkumars. 

16:2 Tulsidas ji offers  his respects to Bharat, who is a true servant of Shri Ram and a sincere follower of dharma. Bhakti mata ( भक्ती माता) will bless true devotees. 
Jai Shri Ram

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