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Change Prarabdha?

Change Prarabdha?

Summary of last session (November 6) by Shri Mohan Khandekar.

After wishing everyone a happy Diwali, Shri Vijay ji started the session by elaborating three different meanings of the celebration of the festival, based on principles of Vedas.

1.  Karmakand: Celebration done externally such as decorations, exchange of sweets, gifts, rituals and tradition (through organs of action and perception).

2. Upasana: By offering our devotion to Goddess Laxmi and seeking Her blessings for our internal and external wealth (through mind and intellect).

3. Knowledge: A row of un-illuminated lights indicates inert thoughts (ignorance). Illumine those thoughts with light of consciousness (knowledge). This is the true meaning of Diwali. Therefore in Bhagavad Gita, Shri Krishna, when narrating qualities of equanimity (स्तिथप्रज्ञ लक्षण), says “a day for you is like a night for a Muni”.  

We celebrate Diwali externally but a Muni is “lightening a light” internally.  Vijay ji further drew the similarity between Geeta, a summary of Upanishads to Ramcharit Manas which is also called Panchamved. 

Doha 31: Our thoughts flow freely like river Mandakini. Our minds are agitated. Let them be close to the mountain Chitrakoot ( koot means immovable), where Shri Ram and Ma Sita (Satchitanand) reside.  This will help to purify our minds. 

31:1 “Ram katha is like a chintamani” Tulsidas ji declares. (Chintamani, a jewel, which removes every anxiety). Therefore try to remove your weaknesses by surrendering to Shri Ram. “Ram katha provides clarity of thoughts to true devotees and purifies their minds, just like a woman’s beauty sparkles with make-up”. Tulsidas-ji further adds. Therefore recite His name constantly. 

31:2 Ram katha is like Sadguru and Ashwinikumar.

 Q: Who is Sadguru? ( सदगुरु)A: The one who is well versed with Prasthantray (प्रस्थानत्रय), the one who instills knowledge and the one who guides on the path of six fold qualifications (षटसंपत्ती) Ashwinikumar is considered to be the healer of Devtas. Thus Ram katha will lead you on the right path and remove afflictions of evil thoughts. 

31:3 Understanding Ramcharit will culminate sins, anger and miseries.  One attains happiness not only in this life but even after life as well. 

Shri Ram is surrounded by intelligent and knowledgeable advisors who always guide him and protect Him. 

31:4 Ramcharit makes you think and improves your life by destroying the six enemies within us (काम,क्रोध,लोभ,मोह,मत्सर,अहंकार).  

It is most beloved to Shivji and is like black clouds ready to fulfill the desires of thirsty devotees. 

31:5 Ramcharit is like a MahamaniMantra which demolishes the  poison of ignorance.  It is like bright sun rays radiating knowledge in our ignorant life and like a rain cloud protecting the crops. It’s strength can eliminate prarabdha karma.

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