Surrender to Shri Rama -

Surrender to Shri Rama

Surrender to Shri Rama

Summary of last session (November 13)

Shri Vijay ji started the session with an explanation of a statement he made a couple of weeks ago.”Bhagwan doesn’t work.  The work is getting done from Him”.  

In fact Bhagwan works the most. Vijay ji referred to Doha 12:2 of Beej Ramayan. एक अनीह अरुप अनामा अज सच्चीनानंद पर धामा……….

Form (रूप) is identified the first. (function of organs of action, the eyes. No intellect is involved) Qualities (गुण, प्रकृती ) comes next (function of mind and intellect) Name (नाम) is the last. 

He has no name and at the same time He has multiple names. अनीह is one without any desire.  

Here Vijay ji recounted a story of Gopiyas and Rishi Durvasa from Bhagvatam

He went on further to explain the meaning of Bhog (भोग) and Bhokta (भोक्ता) and the difference between Drushtanta (दृष्टांत) and Drashtanta (द्राष्टांत)  In spite of all the above characters Bhagwan has come to us time and time again  and through His infinite powers saved the mankind. Therefore He doesn’t work but because of Him, we work.

Vijay ji concluded the introduction with a quotation from Pujya Gurudev:“Live like a mirror”. 

When you stand in front, it accepts everything and rejects nothing. When you move away, it keeps nothing. Live in this transactional world without attachments.

31:4/5 What is the meaning of the word Purari (पुरारि)?  House or body.  It has three parts, gross body, subtle body and causal body.  The ONE beyond is tripurari (त्रिपुरारी). 

Tulsidas ji sings Glories of Ramcharit by comparing it to Mahamani which neutralizes the deadly poison (ignorance). 

It helps to eliminate prarabdha karma for true devotees and lead them to jivanmukti with knowledge. 

31:7 Sant ji continues to sing praises of Ramcharit. “It is like upasana. When done with full commitment, Devatas bless and you accumulate highest virtues” he declares. (This statement can be interpreted in other ways too. 

The one with the highest virtues will get to read Ramcharit). Just like every ripple of river Ganga can wash your sins, Ramchait has a vigor to eliminate your misdeeds. Here Vijay ji narrated a story of Bhishma and Ganga. 

Doha 32 क  Evil thoughts of argumentative, egoistic, hypocritical and devious people living in the Kaliyug who walk on the unrighteous path, get destroyed when they surrender to Shri Ram.

Doha 32 ख  Here Tulsidas li compares Ramcharit to the full moon of SharadPoornima

Just like Kumudini flower and Chakor bird have a special attraction to the full moon, spiritual and righteous people are blessed the most by the Ramcharit. 

Vijay-ji drew our attention to the comments about 16 phases (कला) and 28 Nakshatras of the moon by Swami Akhandanand ji.

32:1 This is a dialogue between Shivji and Ma Parvati. Shivji answers the question posed by Her. 

Sant Tulsidas ji says “I am trying to elaborate in length the mystifying answer given by Shivji”. What does he mean by mystifying? 

A story of Shri Ram shall be a mystery, if one does not read it with full faith and devotion, just like understanding Dharma quickly is a “mystery” to a ritualistic (कर्मकांडी). 

Vijay ji explained the importance of “asking questions”. Asking questions only for curiosity is redundant. 

A student must pose a right question upon correctly understanding  the subject to get the Real knowledge. 

Arjun, Laxman, Sahbri asked the questions and got illuminated with the knowledge. 

32:2/3 “Those who read the Ram Charit without faith and conviction do not comprehend but those who are cultured and knowledgeable have no problem’. 

Tulsidas Ji proclaims. Shri Ram has taken many births and Ram charit is infinite. 

Kakbhusundi was “awake” for 27 kalpas because he wanted to experience the births of Shri Ram. 

32:4 The katha of Shri Ram has been written by many. Get absorbed in it with respect and without any doubt. 

The word Rati (रती) represents love or devotion. Surrender to Him with love and you will be blessed.

Doha 33 The qualities of Shri Ram and Ram charit are infinite. The glory of Ramcharit is not a mystery to those with pure thoughts and uncontaminated minds. 

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