Date of birth of Shri Rama -

Date of birth of Shri Rama

Date of birth of Shri Rama

Class on November 18, 2021
Ramayana Class Notes by Shri Mohan Khandekar.

Shri Vijay ji started the session by stressing the benefits of listening to Ramcharit Manas every Saturday.  

This Epic Granth can be appreciated in three ways:

Upasana: This is a journey from known to unknown. In spite of “not knowing” the Devtas, we worship them with devotion, aspiring to reach heaven and then to Brahma loka. 

Bhagwan: We sing His Glories and ask  His blessings.  In Bhagavatam Narayan Bhagwan is with attributes ( साकार).  

Brahman: As per Vedanta, we surrender to the Supreme Consciousness, the One without attributes (निराकार).

Next, Vijay ji explained the meaning of the word Abhaas (आभास) which is an indication, a signal. 

We can see the effect but not the cause.  To go beyond the effect, Jeeva needs to give up the doership and the enjoyership (कर्ताभाव /भोक्ता).  

We need to be free from bondage which tie us to the material world.  

The introduction concluded with brief clarification of

–16 kalas and 28 nakshatras of the moon

–Ramcharit has an indicative meaning and therefore it is called a “mysterious” story

–Surrender to Bhagwan with love and respect and you will be blessed. Have no doubt. 

To support this statement Vijay ji quoted a part of Verse 39, chapter 4 of Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta  “श्रद्धावान लभते ज्ञानम”, the one with devotion gets knowledge. On the contrary, verse 40 emphasises downfall of a person with a doubtful nature, अज्ञश्चाश्रद्दधानश्च संशयात्मा विनश्यति. 

33:2/3 Tulsidas ji declares the exact time and date of writing the Ramcharit. He started writing this legendary story in 1631 on the day Shri Ram was born as per the Samvat (संवत) calendar. 

Vijay ji told us the duration Tulsidas ji accomplished the task of writing Ramcharit. 2 years 7 months 24 days.

He commented on eight types of pranams and explained the difference between Dandvat and Sashtang pranam. 

He further explained the meaning of the following words:

Bhaum (भौम): Tuesday 

Avadhpuri: Where no one is killed

Ayodhya: Where there is no war (युद्ध)

33:4 Living creatures from all strata, including Asuras worship Shri Ram devoutly and seek His blessings. 

Q: Which Asuras worship Shri Ram? 

A: Asuras like Prahlada, Bibhishan.

Doha 34: Devotees arriving in the reverent city of Ayodhya,  wash away their sins by taking a dip in the holy waters of Sharayu river, chant His name and soak themselves in His devotion. 

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