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Glory of Guru

Glory of Guru

Summary of class on October 23, 2021 by Shri Mohan Khandekar.

Vijay ji emphasized the importance of Guru Parampara and Sampradaya Parampara. 

We should choose our Gurus extremely carefully.  

In Sanatana Darshan there are clear mantras stating that it comes from Lord Vishnu/Shiva to Rsi Vyasa to Shri Adi Shankaracharya.

The learning of Parampara holds utmost importance in our lives. When we give our Bhakti to Sadhus, it is upasana. 

However, we have to be sure that it is pure.  They have to be linked to our Parampara and their sadhgurus. 

If that is not the case, they are unable to understand and get rid of our doubts.

Do. 18 – 25 : Intense discussion to understand Nama, Rupa or Gunas. Artha and Vani, which one is higher? 

Abhidey or Abhigyaan? This is taken up in Mandukya Upanishad. Gold in whatever form it is, is still gold. 

One has to learn and do right actions. However, Jivan mukthi doesn’t require karma or upasana at all. A quick review of Nama, Rupa and Guna was done.

Humans have given all that can be seen (form- Rupa), a name. Tulsidas ji has mentioned that “Nama” is highest. 

We assume that wherever there is a Rupa, it has to have a name. 

We also assume that Bhagawan should have a form.

 Nama is also superior to Guna as there are only three Gunas – tamas, rajas and sattva. 

Nama is the only one that can lead us to Jivan Mukthi. 

Vijay ji then talked about Surrender.

Bhakti is the 21st step in the ladder. 20th step is the roof. 

When we let go of this, Sita ji will take us to Rama. Total surrender is required. We have to do a deep reflection of all these. 

Whatever that is happening, is happening in the intellect. That is where Sita ji comes and that is where Shri Rama comes as well.  

Everything happens at the thought level. 

Reflect – if a thought that says that a Rupa (form) is great, would that Rupa give Jivan Mukthi? Will Gunas give Jivan Mukthi? Will Nama give? You will get an answer for sure! Do your mananam.

What is your understanding of Nirgun Brahman? Think carefully and deeply. Bhakti is the key transformation point after Rupa, Guna which leads to Nama which can lead us to Nirgun Brahman. 

Do. 30. (A & B)

Anyone can listen to all the stories and nod our heads, but deep understanding and reflection is needed for us to evolve.  

He gives us an example of how a snake charmer plays music and the snake keeps dancing to it. However, when the music stops, the snake is ready to bite the snake charmer himself. 

That is how dangerous the ego is!  Reflection and internalization is the key to all this.

He gives a list of Shrota and Vaktha:

  1. Lord Shiva 
  2. Goddess Parvathy
  3. Yagvalkya Muni 
  4. Bharadwaj
  5. Kagbhusundhi ji 
  6. Garuda ji
  7. Tulsidas ji 
  8. Us

If one has the knowledge of how to internalize all this, only that person has the capacity to understand all these stories. 


However beautiful a Swami or Guru gives Lakshyarth, one has to internalize in one’s own way. 

It all depends on how much our intellect has developed. The better adhikari he is, he would understand that much less or more. 

We have to develop our mathi – our intellect to understand the depth of this knowledge that is given to us by Gurus. 

Keep working and asking for help from the Guru until we understand. Keep working on your – sama, dama, tapasya, viveka, vairagya to become an adhikari again. 

Yagvalkya rishi says this to his wife Maitreyi that there is only one way – Shravanam, Mananam and Nidhidhyasanam. 

This keeps repeating for lifetimes. We have to take the initiative to have a clear understanding.


However, then comes the part of heart which has to be dedicated. Just the work in from the intellect is not enough. 

Avidya and Maya appears as desires and we get stuck with action (karma) again and again.

Karma is limited and we get only limited results. We only give limited time to Bhagawan when we are working in the world all the time. 

We think that we will be able to practice all the Siddhantha. However, it is not manageable with karma that we keep fueling. It becomes a habit. 

Reflect on the intention of your karma. When we do it for Bhagawan – it becomes nishnakama karma. It is NOT karma anymore.

Avidhya, kama and karma is taken care of by Bhakti that takes you to Bhagawan. 


The ones that are learned – saints, pandits etc. they are indulging inside only with Bhagawan. 

They just play outside or what is needed. They revel in this Rama Katha. Bhagawan takes care of all the other things. 

We need to know the glory of this Rama Katha. Even when you listen to the glories, you are brought closer to the highest. That is the greatness of this!

Just like how a snake (ego) is eaten by a beautiful peacock, the Rama Katha (mantras) take care of ego. 

We cannot get rid of our papa by ourselves. 

Rama katha when internalized, they take care of them. Jnana is born within us when we listen to Rama Katha and Sita ji helps this process. 

We are given valuable lessons of viveka, and we understand what is the right path for us leading us to total surrender. 

Harih Aum!

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