Where does Bhakti reside -

Where does Bhakti reside

Where does Bhakti reside

Summary of class on October 16,2021 by Shri Mohan Khandekar.

Shri Vijay ji opened the discourse by saying that Ramcharit Manas is a book of indicative meaning. 

If you have studied Vedas, dive deeper into it and get extensive connotation from it. He further expounded on the three paths:

Karma Kand:  These are not necessarily performed in the Mandir by priests but the actions we perform on a day to day basis. 

Upasana:  path of righteousness, devotion 

Gyan Kand: path of knowledge 

Jamini rishi divided Vedas into two sections. पूर्व मीमांसा( Karma Kand) and उत्तर मीमांसा (Gyan Kand).

Shri Vijay ji later discussed the topic of Bhakti.

To explain the question “where Bhakti resides”, he narrated a story from Bhagvatam. 

One must have knowledge (ज्ञान) and dispassion (वैराग्य) to reach Bhakti Mata. In Bhagavad Geeta Shri Krishna connects Bhakti to multiple faculties such as mind, intellect and heart (मन बुद्धी हृदय). 

Use Mind like a weapon to destroy evil thoughts and attachments. Purity of mind and clarity of thoughts will produce devotion in the heart. 

Referring to the BMI chart, Vijayji explained that “V” generates a thought in “I”.  This thought may represent characters like Vali, Sugreeva, Bhibhishan and Ravana.  

Sugreeva and Bhibhishan are devotees and the other two are not. Ego dictates the actions.  Therefore surrender the Ego and fill your heart with Devotion. 

Next, he discussed the importance of Guru parampara and surrendering to Him after due diligence. This Sansar is based on the Cause-Effect (कार्यकारण सिद्धांत). 

To attain Jeevanmukti one must do right actions and gain correct knowledge. 

29:1, 2,3 : Here Tulsidas Ji emphasises the Ram  katha being told by many in the past, such as Lord Shiva to Ma Parvati and Ram bhakta Kakbhusundi, who narrated it to Yagyawalka who passed it on to Muni Bhardwaj.  

This was handed down to Tulsidas ji’s guru. This chain illustrates the significance of Guru-shishya parampara. 

( Vijay-ji’s comments: Guru imparts knowledge to a correct shishya, may It be a crow (Kakbhusundi).  

29:4 “Enlightened devotees of Shri Hari read, listen and understand this story in different ways and like a myrobalan fruit (Amla), they hold the time (past, present and future) within their grasp”, Sant Tulsidasji proclaims. 

Vijayji’s observation: This statement can be compared to Jeevanmukti, which is in our grasp but can be possible only if we have a Guru who can lead us on a right path. 

30 क ख  The word “ladakpan” has an indicative meaning. It means anyone ignorant of The True Knowledge. 

Tulsidas ji humbly declares “I am one of them because I do not understand the way the true seekers do”. 

The session ended with listening to recorded words of wisdom by Swami Akhandanand ji. 

Jai Shri Ram

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