Goddess Saraswati ji -

Goddess Saraswati ji

Goddess Saraswati ji

Summary of last session (January 16) by Shri Mohan Khandekar ji

Shri Vijayji reviewed the BMI chart and captured the essence of Doha 10 क ख to begin the session.

10:1/2 Here Tulsidasji is telling us that even though the treasures are “born” at unusual places (source of valuable jewels may be a serpent, a mine or an elephant), they are truly illuminated when worn by a king or a woman. 

He cites an example of a poet, whose breathtaking poem is admired by Ma Sarswati herself. ( A true devotee will be blessed).

10:3 The word Kobid (कोबिद) means knower of the Vedas. Santji is saying that the reader (knower) of Ramcharitmanas has the ability to get rid of the sins of previous births.

10:4 Second line: Here the heart (ह्रदय) is compared to a sea (Brahman), an intellect to a drip (सीप) and Sarswati to Swati constellation (स्वाती नक्षत्र).

10:5 A jewel of a poem is born when noble thoughts are poured in it. (Glories of Ramcharitmanas).

The session concluded with Vijay ji expounding appropriate representation of Ram, Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughna with respect to BMI and also BMI relation to Goddess Sarswati ( four portions: She lives near Brahma, Pada (पद), Thought is generated (पश्यन्ति), Analysed in mind (मध्यमा), Thought expressed by tongue (वैखरी).

Please join us for next pravachan on January 23.

Harih Aum!

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