Ramacharitha Manas & BMI Chart -

Ramacharitha Manas & BMI Chart

Ramacharitha Manas & BMI Chart

Summary of last session (December 19) by Shri. Mohan Khandekar ji.

Shri Vijayji reviewed the five topics of Ramcharitmanas covered so far.

1. Explanation of the initial Prarthana: Akshar (अक्षर) which means the one without kshar (क्षर) or imperishable. He further elaborated the importance of word अ, the beginning of an alphabet, without which वर्णमाला is incomplete.

2. Importance of Guru Vandana.

3. Paying respect to the Brahmanas (ब्राह्मण). Brahman nature (वृत्ती) is superior to Brahman by birth.

4. Description Sant and Asant (संत/असंत)

5.Glories of Ramcharitmanas: Shri Vijayji expounded the deeper meaning of Ramcharitmanas through BMI chart. 

The exemplary explanation of Shri Ram, Sita, Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughna corresponding to the BMI chart was greatly appreciated by the attendees.

After this brief session, Vijay ji invited the participants to express their views, opinions, experiences and thoughts. 

The session concluded after a lively discussion. We will resume on January 16th after a short break of three weeks.

A reminder with details will be sent closer to the date.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

Harih Aum

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