Jeev and Brahman -

Jeev and Brahman

Jeev and Brahman

Summary of last session (April 10) by Shri Mohan Khandekar.

Shri Vijayji recapped the meaning of Doha

19.19:1 Tulsidas Ji is continuing to sing Glories of Shri Ram (रा म).  These two words of the alphabets are “sweet” and further compares them to the eyes and ears. (Vijayji’s comments: knowledge is received through these two senses). 

19:2 Shri Ram and Laxman are a very special pair, similar to Jeev and Brahma, with equal qualities. 

They may be two individuals but in reality one principle (तत्त्वमसि).

19:3 Sant ji here names these two brothers as Nar-Narayan (नर नारायण), who protect devotees through their special powers. 

The devotion is compared to a beautiful lady with elegant earrings (कुंडल) which are like the Sun and the Moon. 

They are absolutely necessary for our life.

19:4 Devotion is compared to nectar through which one can attain liberation (मोक्ष).Shri Vijay ji narrated stories about Kashyap and Shesh Bhagwan from Bhagavatam. 

We all listened to knowledgeable words by Swami Subhonanda describing the Glories of devotion. Doha: Tulsidas ji analyses the words रा म through grammer. 

The word र is compared to an umbrella (when joined to another word) which is like a protector. eg. क++म=कर्म  and म  is anuswar (अनुस्वार) when joined with another word. 

This अनुस्वार is compared to a precious jewel of the crown. eg  ओ++का+र =ओंकार.
Jai Shri Ram.

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