Ram Naam -

Ram Naam

Ram Naam

Summary of last session (April 17) by Shri Mohan Khandekar

Shri Vijayji started the session with a brief explanation of Sanatan Dharma, path of Sun, Moon, Karmakand, Upasana and Jyaan kanda.

20:1 onwards,  The Glory of Ram naam continues. 
Naam (Ram) and Naami (Devotee) are different outwards but are ONE because they love each other equally.  

Both are full of devotion and without either beginning or an end (अनादी). Sant-ji continues with the Glories of the Naam and the Roop, which are qualities of Bhagwan.  

In this context Vijay ji illustrated an example of King Janak, a jeevan mukta and explained the difference between Brahmakar Vritti (ब्रह्माकार  वृत्ती) and Ramaakar Vritti (रामाकार  वृत्ती). One can have more love to रामाकार  वृत्ती because of It’s qualities. 

The qualities follow the Naam and the Roop follows the qualities. eg. Om  represents either Sagun Brahman or Nirgun Brahman

The darkness, either external or internal, will be eliminated by reciting the Ramnaam. 

Shri Vijayji talked about the importance of Manasa Vachha, Karma and Upasana (मनसा वाचा, कर्म, उपासना). 

Naam and Roop has a transactional value to a devotee but one must understand that it is a door to enter His abode. 

21:1 Like many Sages and Munis, reciting the Ramnaam will help to detach from the samsar bandhan and attain Brahmasukh (ब्रह्मसुख).

21:2 The indicative meaning of the words goodh rahasya (गूढ रहस्य) is subtlest of the subtle.  

Shri Vijayji gave a reference of Gita chapter 7 ( ज्ञान-विज्ञान योग)

Jai Shri Ram

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