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Summary of last session (March 5) by Shri Mohan Khandekar.

Shri Vijay ji started the session by comparing Ramcharit Manas to Mansarovar and the importance of following self righteousness (स्वधर्म). 

If we fail to do so, there will be no Saryu, no water (no thoughts).  Just like, the Supreme has no qualities, water too has no characters. 

It is pure and cool. Sat, Chit and Anand are the “qualities” of the attribute less Bhagwan. 

This epic Granth,  Ramcharit Manas is also called Mahakavya because it contains following topics:

Description of lake

Illustration of a mountain

Account of River(s)

Narration about an ocean

Interpretation of different seasons

Vijay ji revisited  42:1 and expounded the 17 characters of water described by Tulsidas ji. 

This water (Ramcharit Manas) generates plenty of happiness and culminates sins and negativity.

Doha 43, 43:1  After offering respects to Muni Yagyavalk, Muni Vasishtha and Muni Bhardwaj, Tulsidas ji begins the story of Shri Ram.  

Vijay ji’s comments: The Saints, Sages and Munis are like Bhagwan.  Blessings from them shall bring you closer to Him. He further elaborated about various locations of Prayags. 

Shri Ram’s blessings showered upon an equanimous and a compassionate devotee create the Holy Prayagraj within.   

43:2 When the sun changes direction at the time of Sankranti, everyone, including DevatasDaitya and humans take a dip at Triveni sangam (Prayagraj) and pay their respects.

43:3 Tulsidas ji continues with the description of the devout city, Prayagraj, which is home of many Ashrams, with a special mention of Muni Bharadwaj’s Ashram which is beautiful and peaceful. 

Vijay ji commented about  six Venimadhav and an Akshayavat (an indestructible Banyan tree), worshipped by many  with shraddha. 

Doha 44: Tulsidas ji points us towards the path of knowledge for Self realization with devotion and understanding of various elements (तत्व).  

Here Vijay ji gave a detailed explanation of Sankhya philosophy with a focus on Causal body, Subtle body and their respective elements. 

He also discussed Karmakand and Upasana. In short, Devotion+Detachment= A true Devotee. 

Harih Aum!

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