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Sita Mata

Sita Mata

Summary of last session (March 12) by Shri Mohan Khadekar.

Shri Vijay ji started the session by describing the Bhardwaj Muni Ashram in Prayag, where Shri Ram is greatly cherished. 

Prayagraj is also called Tirthraj. There is no need to go to any other Tirth Yatra once you visit this place. 

Doha 44 The first line represents Geeta and refers to the subject of Brahman and Upasana.  

The second line points us to Bhagvatam with a reference to devotion. Here Vijay ji elaborated the meaning of the word Bhakti. Sita Mata: personification of Bhakti.  Sita/Ram: Bhakti/Gyan. 

What is Vidya and Avidya Maya?

Any Shakti taking us towards knowledge is Vidya Maya and away from it is Avidya Maya. 

44:1 Tulsidas ji continues to sing glories of Prayagraj, where devotees spend a month of Magh, take bath in River Ganga and joyfully attend the Satsang at Muni Bharadwaj Ashram. 

Vijay ji’s comments: Every householder must go on Tirth Yatra for a month once a year, where through Satsang, one acquires knowledge of the true way of life. 

44:2/3 Tulsidas ji is telling us a story, when Rishi Bharadwaj respectfully requested the revered Muni Yagyavalk to stay longer at his Ashram and clear his doubts, saying ” Munivarya, please do not misunderstand me. 

I am not asking a question to test you but to get a clear and concise answer because you have a wealth of knowledge”. 

Doha 45: The above story underlines the importance of closeness (and openness) between Guru and Shishya.  Failing to do so, transfer of knowledge is not possible. 

Jai Shree Ram

Harih Aum!

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