Mangalacharan Shlokas -

Mangalacharan Shlokas

Mangalacharan Shlokas

Shri Vijayji resumed his talk with explanation of Mangalacharan shlokas.

Shloka 4: The word Kavishwar represents sage Valmiki and the word Kapishwar represents Hanuman. 

To explain further, he narrated stories from Puranas

The Ramcharitmanas have references from Puranas, Vedanta, Bhagvatam and more.

Shloka 5: This shloka can be interpreted with different meanings.

Who is Sita? Sita is the cause of this universe (जगत का कारण/प्रकृती). This is the subtle state of Prakriti (प्रकृती). Sita is also a Klesh Harini (क्लेश हारिणी).

What is क्लेश? They are five, namely Avidya,Asmita,Raag, Dwesha and Abhinivesh (अविद्या अस्मिता राग द्वेष अभिनिवेश ). 

In other words, Ignorance, Ego, attachment, dislike and fear of death. Surrendering to Sita will eliminate all of the above. 

The one with knowledge of Vedanta knows that Sita and Ram are ONE. …( Ishwar and Maya are inseparable).

Shloka 6:This Shloka has vedanta vichar (वेदांत विचार). The first line is describes Vidya Maya (विद्या माया) and second line Avidya Maya (अविद्या माया).

Maya controls Deva, Danava and Brahma (देव दानव और ब्रह्मा). The only reality is Ishwar. Vijay ji also discussed the analogy of rope and snake.

 Without the rope, a snake is non-existent. The word रामख्यमिशं in the fourth line is emphasizing us to surrender to Shri Ram to help us transcend this world(भवसागर).

Shloka 7 narrates the glory of Ramcharitmanas, the epic Granth (ग्रंथ), which has references of many Puranas,, Vedas and Shastras (शास्त्र).The word Swant Sukhaya (स्वान्त:सुखाय) describes the happiness “within”.

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