Mangalacharan Sortha 1-5 -

Mangalacharan Sortha 1-5

Mangalacharan Sortha 1-5

Shri Vijayji resumed his talk by reviewing Shloka 1, 3 and 7 of Mangalacharan

He explained the linguistic complicated difference between Sortha (सोरठा) and Doha (दोहा).

Sortha 1 is about receiving blessings from Shri Ganesh and describing His glory. Shri Ganesh is also called as Gannayak (गणनायक). 

Vijay ji further talked about fourteen Gun (गुण) and their corresponding devata (देवता).

Sortha 2 describes the splendour and the compassion of the Bhagwan.

Sortha 3 starts with the word Neel (नील), which is the colour of Vishnu and Shri Ram. 

The word kshirsagar (क्षीरसागर) represents satva gun (सत्वगुण).

Sortha 4 narrates the affinity between Ma Parvati and Shri Shankar, who destroys our love and desires of the objects.

Sortha 5 describes the importance of Guru Charan Pooja (गुरु चरण पूजा). Vijayji explained the significance of performing it with conviction. 

The words Narroop Hari (नररूप हरी) can be interpreted in two ways. Shri Ram is in the form of the नर. 

The other interpretation can be that Narhari was Sant Tulsidas’s Guru.

The Guru Geeta starts after Sortha 5.

Here the Guru is considered to be equivalent to the Bhagwan. It continues to describe the glories of the Guru. 

One should worship the dust of His feet (धूल की वंदना) to receive His blessings. It is compared to the Sanjeevani (संजीवनी बुटी), which has strength to bring back the departed. 

In other words the Guru can retrieve the dormant Adhyatma (अध्यात्म) within us. 

The word Parivaru (परिवारु) includes six elements (षड्रिपू), namely lust (काम), anger (क्रोध), greed (लोभ), pride (मद), attachment (मोह) and jealousy (मत्सर ).

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