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Muni Bharadhwaj

Muni Bharadhwaj

Summary of last session (March 26) by Shri Mohan Khandekar.

Shri Vijayji started the session by explaining Bhakti Shastra. There is no difference between Bhakti Marg and Gyan Marg.  

They are like two sides of a coin, however Gyan Marg is enriched by  knowledge along with devotion.  

Ramchari Manas is full of vedantic principles which removes our strong beliefs. For example, it is believed that a person gets freedom after death. 

What dies is the gross body and what gets freedom is the subtle body (Videha Mukti). However as per Shankaracharya, one can get freedom before death (Sadeha Mukti). 

With this introduction, Vijay ji brought our attention to the four questions posed by Muni Bhardwaj to Muni Yagyawalk about Shri Ram.

1. About whom are you talking about? (Naam)

2. Where does He live? (Dhaam)

3. How do we recognise Him? (Roop)

4. What is His “occupation”? (Leela)

46:1 Bharadwaj muni respectfully asks to clear his doubts. (Doubts are cleared by a Guru in the lineage of Guru Shishya parampara). 

46:2 Muni Yagyawalk knows that Muni Bharadwaj is a supreme devotee of Shri Ram through Shriti, Upasana and Gyan and wants to dive deeper to acquire more knowledge. Tulsidas ji uses the word Mudha (मूढा), which means humble, humility. 

46:3/4 Here Tulsidas ji uses a beautiful analogy. He compares the ignorance to the demon Mahishasur and Ram katha to the powerful Kali thereby depicting the story of Mahishasur Mardan.  

He further compares Ram Katha to the moonlight and the sage, saints who get extremely delighted by it to the Chkur bird. Here Vijayji explained two words in detail. 

Bhavani= Bhav+Ani, means the one who can create and destroy the samsar.  This word also indicates  Sati, Parvati.

Mahadev= Maha=Dev, means supreme light. 

46: “The conversation between Shiv and Parvati, when explained, will remove the ignorance” Munivarya declares humbly. 

Jai Shri Ram.

Harih Aum!

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