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Shamshay & Bhram

Shamshay & Bhram

Summary of last class April 2 by Shri. Mohan Khandekar

Vijay ji starts the class by giving us the importance of Bhakti. A jnani has to ask for Bhagavan to come to him. 

Bhagavan however goes to Bhaktas naturally. Unless there is Bhakti, one cannot get rid of moha (Maya). 

He gives us examples of Bhaktas like Kevat, Guha and Shabari to who Bhagavan goes Himself!

He then goes to tell us the story of Suteeksh muni. He served Agastya Muni. 

He mocks him by asking Suteekh muni to bring Shri Rama, Sita Mata and Lakshmana for gurudakshina

Since then, he always had Shri Rama in mind! Shri Rama just went to him. Suteeksh muni took his “Gurudakshina” directly to Agastya Muni.

Such is the importance of Bhakti!

Knowledge (vidya) can be a huge block for realization in the form of arrogance.

Shri Tulsidas had explained before regarding sandeha, moha and bhram. He goes in detail on these.  He talks about sandeha (samshay) – one who has walked but who hasn’t reached. One can get over this with Veda Tattva.

One should know who to ask for help. When one needs Bhakti should approach someone whose entire life is of a Bhakta. 

He talks about moha (avidya). Only Shri Rama can take that away. Shri Tulsidas has Sevak Bhava. Vijay ji differentiates between samshay and bhram

One doesn’t know that one is wrong when one has samshay but one with bhram knows that he is wrong. He reviews 46 chaupai.

Ram Charita Manas is not to be taken as a story. We have to find where is Shri Rama inside us. How to love that Rama. That is the secret. 

Jnani should have faith in Guru Parampara and Shastras.

We should love Guru Parampara and have faith in Rama Charita Manas.

Even if we don’t know anything, we should surrender everything to Bhagavan Shankar and Bhagavati Parvathy. They will take care of us.

We have Mahamoha, so we need Maha Kaali to take care of this Mahishasura! 

47.1  During Treta Yuga, Sambhu (Lord Shiva) went to Kumbhaj (Agastya muni). Sati is mentioned here – avidya maya. Jagat is caused by sati. They are together with agastya muni.

47.2 Lord Shiva was there for a month and heard RamKatha from muni. He was extremely happy with that. 

To gain any knowledge  one has to be an adhikari. That is a qualification that is a must. 

A Bhakta should have a solid relationship of love with Bhagavan. Madhusudhan Saraswati says that Bhakti is above Jnana. 

47.3 Adhibhoot – Parvathy; Pralay – is when avidya is destroyed. There is no moha. Parvathy brings this for us. 

When Guru gives jnana, one should give back! 

We get selfish. A real Shishya asks Guru what he could do for him. We need to understand that a real Bhakta’s life is full of Seva. 

If Daksha kumari had listened to the story in full it would have taken care of the moha. 

47.4 Shri Rama left for the forest – dandaka van after his promise to his father. 

When Lord Shiva was listening to Ram Katha, Shri Rama was already born – taken avatar. The avatar was “gupt” hidden and abstract. 

Do. 48 A & So. B 

Lord Shiva wishes to see Shri Rama, and is restless. He didn’t know where he was born. 

Sati didn’t know what was going on in Lord Shiva’s mind.

Jai Shri Ram

Harih Aum

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