Power of Rama Naama -

Power of Rama Naama

Power of Rama Naama

Class notes by Shri Mohan Khandekar ji.

With Shri Ram krupa and Shri Gurudev’s blessings we resumed our Ramcharit Manas classes on Saturday September 18th.

Shri Vijayji started by explaining Manglacharan shlokas with the help of BMI chart. 

According to Rishis and Sages, Ramcharit Manas, which is like a body, can be explained in four ways: 

With words (शब्दार्थ)  
With the help of mind (भावार्थ) 
With the help of Heart (लक्ष्यार्थ) 
With the help of intellect (मुल तात्पर्य).

The first  three may be interpreted differently but सिद्धांत remains unchanged. 
Similarly to reach The Pure consciousness, which is unchanging, following are the three paths:   

Path of right action (कर्मकांड)   
Path of devotion (उपासना कांड)   
Path of knowledge of Upanishads with the guidance of Guru ( ज्ञान कांड).

These will help us to reach The Infinite Bliss (स्वान्त सुखाय). RCM stresses the importance of worshipping Five Devtas:  Ganesh, Shakti, Vishnu, Shiva and Sun. 

Only Guru will intensify serious study of Vedanta, which will lead to the True Freedom (जीवनमुक्ती). 

With these words of wisdom, Shri Vijayji led us to Doha 25 of Balkand, which narrates the Glories of Name (नामायन)

25: The name of Shri Ram is bigger than Sagun and Nirgun Brahman. One can not see his Roop but  identify with His name. 

Even Lord Shiva retained this name after giving away everything. Here, Shri Vijayji narrated a story of Shiva parting away many valuables but holding onto ONE!

25:1 Just like the saying, don’t judge a book by its cover, never determine a person from his attire. 

Shivji may be dressed in a peculiar way but He has the wealth of Prashad of Ramnaam, which He distributes generously. 

Similarly sages and saints like Shukdev and Sanak Kumars constantly chant the name of Shri Ram. 

(Vijayji’s comments: What is the significance of  nakedness of Sanak Kumars? Ans:  They are not attached to their bodies). 

25:2 Everyone loves Lord Vishnu.  Lord Vishnu loves Lord Shiva and They both love Sage Narad, who loves and glorifies Ramnaam. 

Sant Tulsidas mentions the name of Bhakt Prhalad who too was blessed by Shri Ram. (According to our Shastras there are 14 Bhakt Shiromani and Prhalad is one of them).

25:3 Dhruv, out of desperation, recited Ramnam with full faith and received a status of immovable star. 

Similarly Hanumanji with his unwavering devotion has “captured” Shri Ram. 

25:4 Sant-ji tells us how petty Ajamil and prostitute Ganika too attained freedom by chanting His name. 

Shri Vijayji will start his discourse with Doha 26 and will explain the meaning of an important word “Kali”Jai Shri Ram

Harih Aum!

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