Kali Yuga -

Kali Yuga

Kali Yuga

Class on September, 25th, 2021
Notes by Shri Mohan Khandekar

With Shri Ram krupa and Gurudev’s blessings, we started the second session of Ramcharit Manas, an epic granth which has references of 135 scriptures. 

Shri Vijayji opened his discourse with a summary of Doha 1,2,3,4. These describe the glories of Guru. Every feature of the Guru is holy, may it be His love, His tilak, even His nails! 

Sant Tulsidasji says ” you will benefit from four kinds of people.  सज्जन साधू संत but only गुरु with His guidance fulfills your life and shows you the way to mukti”. 

Through BMI chart, Vijayji explained that our tendencies (वृत्ती) live in our Intellect. Negative tendencies, will give rise to similar vrittis

Just like a dead fly spoils the entire milk, your ego becomes an obstacle for purification. 

We should strive for परमात्मा to shine upon the intellect (वृत्तीव्याप्ती). 

The deeper meaning of this statement is “This intellect, then also becomes the Home of Devi and Devatas”.  

Who is Devata?  The one who gives. 
Who does He/She give to? The one who offers Pooja.

He further explained the importance of Pooja-Path (षोडशपचार पूजा).

He recapped the meaning of previous Dohas, Sanadkumars and the story of Ganika. 

Like Ganika, a prostitute, who surrendered to God, we should offer our actions to Him. 

In Bhagavad Gita, Krishna talks about renunciation of actions and tells Arjun ” problem is not with the actions but with the one who performs it (कर्ता)”.

Doha 26: Just like a Kalpataru tree, which satisfies every desire, reciting the name of Shri Ram will give you jeevanmukti

Here Santji gives a beautiful example.  The leaves of hemp (भांग) and Tulsi plant look alike but their actions are opposite. His name has the strength to transform भांग into तुलसी. 

26:1 Do the benefits of His name (रामनाम) ever end?         Tulsidas ji says “Never. It culminates your sorrows in four yugas (सत्य त्रेता द्वापर कली), three Kaal (Past, Present and Future) and three lokas (स्वर्ग, पाताल, भू)”. You cannot take anything with you, when you “go” but This Name will stay with you forever. 

26:2 This describes means to worship the God:       
Satya Yuga: Meditation

Treta Yuga: Yajna         

Dwapar Yuga: Pooja  

Kali Yuga: This Yuga is full of sins, material attachments, negative tendencies and hatred.  

Just like fish is inseparable from water, transgressions are an integral part of Kali Yuga. The only way to worship  Him is by reciting His name.  

26:3 This Name will attain all desires, similar to the Kalpavruksha (कल्पवृक्ष).

26:4 When describing the immoral Kaliyug, Tulsidas ji points out it’s weakness.  

He says it is without righteous actions, with no devotion and full of ignorance. रामनाम is THE ONLY SUPPORT and way to transcend samsara (भवसागर).

Vijay ji went on to narrate the story of deceiver Kalnemi and mighty Hanuman ji to glorify Ramnaam.

27: This Doha illustrated the power of His name. This name stands for Bhagwan, Hiranyakashipu of Kali yug (savior)and Bhakt Prahalad (the people).  

It has the strength of destroying the enemies of the devout. The session ended with a story of Parikshit and Kali.  

Next time Shri Vijay ji will focus in the word “quality” (गुण).Jai Shree Ram

Harih Aum!

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