Power of Ramacharitmanas -

Power of Ramacharitmanas

Power of Ramacharitmanas

Summary of last session (December12) By Shri Mohan Khandekar ji

Shri Vijay ji requested Raginiji to narrate her experience of COVID 19 illness. 

Raginiji then described her and her family’s courageous journey to encounter this dreadful condition. 

Everyone was clearly moved by the detailed and concise account of her path to recovery. 

May God bless her and her family and we pray to Him for their good health.

9:2/3: Shri Tulsidasji in describing Glories of Shri Ram says that no poetry can be superior unless it has the name of Ram.

9:4: The word Rampratap (राम प्रताप)has two interpretations. 

The name Ram represents strength and Ramcharitmanas is powerful because it has the name Ram.

Chand (छंद): Shri Vijayji explored the meaning of the word Kalimal (कलिमल), which stands for six enemies namely, Kaam, Krodh, Moha, Mad ,Matsar and Lobh. Ramnaam will eliminate these six vikar. Santji further describes the quality of river Ganga. 

In spite of her “twisted” journey, the quality of her water is pure and one can get salvation by being devoted to her.

10 क ख Here Tulsidasji continues to express His Glories. Just like wood from Malay Parvat (मलय पर्वतturns into Sandalwood, his poetry will be loved by everyone because it has Ramnaam. Milk is white in spite of different colored cows. 

Similarly even though his knowledge of language is poor, he is confident that his composition will be appreciated by all because Ram’s name is attached to it (Inner qualities are more important than outside appearance).

Please join us for next pravachan on December 19.

As Shri Vijayji explained in the last session, please consider this to be an “open house”. 

Everyone is encouraged to express their views, opinions, experiences and anything & everything (about Ramcharitmanas).

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