Sarayu – Analogy -

Sarayu – Analogy

Sarayu – Analogy

Summary of last session (February 12) By Shri. Mohan Khandekar

Shri Vijayji started the session with the topic discussed a week ago. How to decrease desires and attachments? The one who walks on the path of righteousness is able to do so.

 He referred to verse 64 of chapter 2 and verse 34 of chapter 3 of Bhagavad Geeta  where Shri Krishna advises Arjuna to control the senses so they do not run after the objects of desires by practising six fold qualification (षट संपत्ती).

40:1 Tulsidas ji looks ahead and refers to Sita Swayamvar.  He is illustrating beautiful analogies about Jeevan and Jeevan mukti. Numerable questions arising in our life are compared to many boats in the river Sarayu. 

The one who answers and leads us to Freedom is Kewat, a boatman, a true devotee of Shri Ram, who represents discrimination.

40:2 Tulsidas ji continues with the description of river Sarayu.  People residing on the banks of this river are talking, listening and discussing the Ramcharit.  

He compares the fierce and turbulent river to angry  Parshuram and the majestic Ghats containing the rapid flow to tranquil words of Shri Ram. 

40:3 The rising water of river Sarayu indicates it’s excitement and happiness because Shri Ram and his three brothers are getting married. 

This joy is shared by saints and sages.  With a great satisfaction and content mind they bathe in this pure water. 

40:4 and Doha 41 Elated river Sarayu witnessed  the joyous crowd assembled for the coronation ceremony of  Shri Ram. 

She also saw a hurdle created by evil natured Ma Kaikai. She was an observer  to a japayajna (जपयज्ञ) performed by Bharat for the culmination of obstacles. 

She was a watcher to sinful and wicked characters of Kaliyug who resembled to decit birds like herons and crows. (Who  are conspicuously absent from the vicinity of Mansarovar).

Shri Vijay ji explained in brief the meaning of words Sukrut and Sukruti. He also touched upon the three results of Karma, Pratyaksha, Apratyksha and Apurva (प्रत्यक्ष अप्रत्यक्ष अपूर्व).

Harih Aum!

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