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Summary of last session (February 19) by Shri Mohan Khandekar.

Shri Vijayji started the session by reiterating the importance of understanding Ramcharit Manas. 

Just like a firm foundation is necessary for a good building, knowledge of a subject is required for a sound comprehension of it. 

Shri Shankaracharya divided Vedas into two: Karma (Upasana) and knowledge. The Karma/ upasana comprises of rituals, pooja and receiving fruits from unseen Devis and Devatas. One can ascend to Swargalok, PitrulokDevlok with Karma and Upasana but not Brahamalok.  

While doing Karma, follow the principle of nature. Do not expect anything in return, give up doership and offer everything to HIM.  

Karma and Upasana offered together is called Karma Upasana Samucchya. (कर्म उपासना सम्मुचया). They are principally done for chitta shuddhi.

Sant Tulsidas ji has talked in great length about Mansarovar and river Sarayu. 

These two can be interpreted at three levels. External world (gross body), Internally and by thoughts (subtle body). 

Modification of thoughts with knowledge will remove ignorance and will eliminate “snake”, thereby  revealing the “rope”.  

This is achieved with the help of scriptures, in guidance of Guru, having unwavering belief and devotion towards both. 

41:1,2,3,4: “River Sarayu looks beautiful in all the seasons (ऋतू)” Tulsidas Ji notes and goes on describing the”highlights” of each season.  

These include Shiv-Parvati vivah (Hemant), birth of Shri Ram (Shishir), the auspicious occasion of Shri Ram-Sita vivah (Vasant), followed by sorrowful event of Prabhu Shri Ram entering exile (Grishma-hot and unpleasant).

In a fierce fight, victory over  demons by devas is compared to season Varsha. This is followed by healthy crops.

Shri Ramchandra’s kingdom brings joy, pleasure and happiness (Sharad). 

Just like these seasons, thoughts arising within us are of different qualities and moods. 

The Pristine, pure and still water of the river Sarayu is compared to the divine qualities of Ma Sita and the calm nature of Bharat. 

Harih Aum!

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