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Summary of last session (April 30) by Shri Mohan Khandekar

Shri Vijay ji started the session with the topic of Shri Ramchandra ji weeping, talking to trees and Shiv ji calling him Sacchidanand. 

We must go deeper to grasp the real meaning behind what we see. Because believing what we see is “lower understanding”and Vedanta cannot be understood with this. 

He further explained the meaning of word Manoj in two different ways:

मनोज =मन +उज.  उज=Unborn. Brahman superimposes and through Maya creates the mind. Therefore unborn.

 Manoj मनोज= मन+इजा(इच्छा). The other word for Manoj is Kamdev which represents मन की इच्छा. Shivji is destroyer of Manoj (Rajasic and Tamasic desires)

50:1/2: Tulsidas ji calls Shri Ram “Sarvgya (सर्वज्ञ) just like Shivji. Sati is puzzled. “How can be This Man be सर्वज्ञ (Brahman)?” She wonders. 

50:3 Tulsidas ji uses the word Antarjami (अंतरजामी), which means The One Who Rules our “inside”. The Feminine nature can be removed with the Masculine nature through Resolve (निश्चय).

50:4 Here Sant ji refers to Knowledge and Devotion.  Vijay ji’s comments: Knowledge without Guru is not possible and Devotion without Ishwar is impossible. Saints and sages lead us to Ishwar with Devotion.  

51:1 Shivji gets exasperated with Sati’s doubt and wonders whether she is testing Him. Vijay ji’s comments: we must have full devotion and faith to Guru. Here Sati (shishya) does not have unwavering faith towards Shiv ji (Guru). 

51:2 Shiv ji advises Sati to use her power of dispassion and discrimination to eliminate her doubt. 

As long as we do not use our power of Shravanam and Mananam, we will not receive The True Knowledge. The word derived from the letter श्र is श्रुती and we need to do श्रवण of the Shruti. 

51:3/4 Tulsidas ji refers to Sati as Dakshakumari (दक्षकुमारी).  Shiv ji knows that her doubtful mind will not lead to her welfare. 

Shri Ram is referred as Sukhdhama, providing us with internal Bliss. Vijay ji’s comments: the word क्ष represents logic. One will never reach Bhagwan with logic. 

Doha 52: Without Shiv ji’s knowledge, Sati disguises as Sita and approaches Prabhu Ram. (A disciple should never hide anything from the Guru).

Harih Aum!

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