Shiva and Sati -

Shiva and Sati

Shiva and Sati

Summary of last session (April 16) by Shri Mohan Khandekar.

Shri Vijayji started the session with a discussion of indescribable and attribute-less Brahman becoming Sagun, Sakaar Ishwar with the power of Maya. 

Our actions can take us upto Ishwar (cause and effect) but how do we transcend to the causeless cause (Bhahman)?  

All the religions point us to Ishwar/Father etc.  Only Advaita philosophy describes the principle of “one without second”. 

Vijayji elaborated further with two theories:

Parinamvad: Theory of an effect being hidden in the cause and effect cannot exhibit the cause (Milk is the cause and butter being the effect).

Viparyvad: Butter is IN the milk (Cause and effect being the same)

Vijayji recapped Doha 48 and the story of Muni Bhadwaj and about He asking about Shri Ram.

49: Describes the strangeness of Shri Ram story. Ram is called Parmatma, Ishwar and a human in different contexts. 

Only the wise can interpret appropriately but others misinterpret and misunderstand. 

49:1 This describes tearful Shri Ram.  We should not look at the tears (body) but understand the emotions behind. 

49:2 Vijayji split the word Manoj मनोज= मन+इजा(इच्छा). The other word for Manoj is Kamdev which represents मन की इच्छा. Shivji is its destroyer of Manoj. 

49:3/4 Sati is puzzled when she sees Shivji who is the Ishwar of the whole universe, is concerned for a grown up tearful prince. 

Doha 50: Here Tulsidasji speaks about Brahman, which is all pervading, without Maya, Unborn, Indescribable even by Vedas.  

How can you compare That  Brahman to This Man (Shri Ram)? Why is He being called Sacchidanand?

50/1: Here Vijayji drew similarities between Shiv and Vishnu and encouraged discussion amongst the group. 

50:2/3 Sati’s dilemma continues.  On one hand she knows qualities of Shivji like He is All Knower, His words are unquestionable etc.

But on the other hand she was not sure about His disturbed mind. 

50:4 Being a mind reader, Shivji knows what Sati is contemplating and advises her not to keep any doubt in mind. 

Harih Aum!

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