Svabhava and Grace -

Svabhava and Grace

Svabhava and Grace

Shri Vijayji started this session by re-capping the discussion of November 14th.

6:1 He talked about the importance of prayer. Bhagwan will Grace those who offer prayers to Him with pure mind. This will strengthen our bond with Him. 

Worship (उपासना) Him by offering every action (कर्म) to Him. Vijay ji, then explored meaning of words Kaal subhau (काल सूभाऊ). 

Kaal can be interpreted in two ways. Kaal influences your surroundings through prarabhdha karma (प्रारबद्ध कर्म). 

Kaal also means death. सूभाऊ means personality (स्वभाव). Actions will dominate one’s nature, which in turn will influence the “tomorrow” (आनेवाला काल).

6:2 Bhagwan through his Grace can correct the mistakes but the nature (स्वभाव)of people with negative tendencies does not change.

6:3/4 Sant Tulsidasji through examples communicates following message: Do not judge anyone by their superficial qualities but look deep to know their real nature. Purity of thoughts come from within.

6:5 This Doha narrated the Glories of the Guru. He only can take one to the higher planes through the knowledge. 

This message has been compared with the subtle wind, which has the ability to take dust to higher realms. 

Without it dust can turn into mud when mixed with water. Satsang is very important.

6:6 further discusses the analogy of good company. Dust mixed with poor substances turns into a smear (कालिक) and when mixed with good elements results into ink (स्याही).

7 This Doha further emphasises the value of good company by citing various examples (stars, medicine,water, wind and cloth).

This Doha concludes with Sant Tulsidas offering his respects to all (including positive and negative characters) and seeking their blessings.

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