Tulsidas ji and Sri Rama’s Glories -

Tulsidas ji and Sri Rama’s Glories

Tulsidas ji and Sri Rama’s Glories

Summary of last session (November 28) by Shri. Mohad Khandekar ji.

7:1 Sant Tulsidas offers pranam to four sources from where a jiva is born, namely

Swedaj (स्वेदज)=Water
Andaj (अंडज)= Egg
Udbhij (उद्भिज)=Seed
Jarayuj (जरायुज)= Stomach

Shri Vijay ji then discussed our five senses followed by discussion of sixth, seventh and eighth sense. 

He discussed in length the meaning of Superimposition by citing examples of a pot and water within it.

7:2 Tulsidas Ji humbly requests the grace of “everyone and everything” mentioned in the previous Dohas.

7:3 Sant ji confesses that his limited knowledge is completely incapable to describe even a small portion of Shri Ram’s Glories.

7:4 However he wants to attempt it. Here he compares his understanding to buttermilk (छाच) and Shri Ram’s Glories to nectar (अमृत)

7:5 Vijay ji analysed the meaning of the following words:
Krur (क्रूर) = Cruel, Violent
Kutil (कुटील)= Devious
Bure Vichar (बुरे विचार) Negative thoughts

7:6 Everyone loves to be appreciated but those who appreciate others are “True Gentlemen” (उत्तम पुरुष )

7:7 Here Tulsidas Ji compares some to the lakes and rivers, who swell with added water (Ego) and a उत्तम पुरुष to an ocean which remains unaffected.

Please join us for next pravachan on December 5.

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