Faith in God -

Faith in God

Faith in God

Class on Oct 2nd, 2021 Class notes by Shri. Mohan Khandekar

With Shri Ram krupa and Shri Gurudev’s blessings we started the third session of Ramcharit Manas which narrates parts from Puranas and Scriptures.   

Shri Vijayji briefly touched on the topics covered in the last two sessions:Five Devi and Devatas are worshipped in our Sanatan Dharma.Tulsidas Ji says  “संत ह्रिदय नवनीत समाना “, when singing Glories of Saints.  

He seeks blessings from both the Good and Evil people (बंधाउ संत असज्जन चरणां Doha 4:2).  Here Shri Vijay ji gave a reference to Chapter 16 of Bhagavad Geeta, where Shri Krishna talks about Daivi and Aasoori sampatti (दैवी और आसुरी संपत्ती). Next, he covered the subject of worshipping God in different Yugas. 

There is  tremendous strength of Ramnaam in Kaliyug. It promotes righteousness,faith and culminates anger and attachments.

27:1  “He will shower you with Blessings when you recite His name, with good faith (or without any faith)”: Here Sant-ji compares this statement with the phenomenon of Paras+Iron=Sona. (Vijay ji’s comments: Vedanta describes the sansar to be binded by Time, space and causation (देश वस्तू काल). 

Similarly God expresses Himself with Name, Form and Qualities.(नाम रूप गुण).

Let us explore the qualities of Shri Ram….

27:2 “In spite of me being a poor servant (कुसेवक) I am confident that Shri Ram will Bless me because He has a wealth of unlimited Grace”. 

Tulsidas ji declares, putting himself “down”. The indicative meaning:  one receives blessing by asking but mercy without asking.

27:3,4 A king listens compassionately to the grievances of everyone from the kingdom. 

Raja Ram too is merciful to all and fulfills every desire without being asked. 

27:5 How do you define a good king? Answer: the one who listens to everyone, recognises their humility and treats them respectfully. 

King Ram is special because He is “King of Kings” (शिरोमणी)

27:6 Shri Ram is fond of pure devotion and unselfish love. (Tulsidas ji expresses these feelings with modesty by humiliating himself). 

28 क Shri Ram loved everyone including monkeys and bears and He assigned them valuable tasks (Hanuman ji). 

His name transformed heavy stones into floating ships. 

28 ख “I may be good, I may be bad but I am the true servant of Shri Ram and I am confident that He will accept my devotion without any reservations” Tulsidas ji proclaims. 

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