Lord sees ONLY the good -

Lord sees ONLY the good

Lord sees ONLY the good

Summary of class on October 9th, 2021 by Shri Mohan Khandekar.

Vijay ji clearly explained that there aren’t answers in black and white for few questions. 

Every answer would depend on a person’s journey. Sometimes, the answer would make sense to him in 5 seconds or it could take 5 lifetimes!

For us, Shastra IS Pramana. When we have faith in Shastra, all our questions are answered. 

If we have someone who walks the path of Shastra (one who knows and can explain scriptures to us), we should have faith in that person.

Then Vijay ji goes on to explain that according to Vedas, we need at least 3 kinds of Gurus in our lives. 

  1. Japa (done with vans)- is also karma. It comes along with a fruit – Phala. That would be the lowest form of result. We are reborn in a better situation in life, a good family and such.
  2. Japa (done with mind/ intellect) – Man/buddhi. Then we call it as upasana (dharma/bhakti). papa/punya raise here.
  3. Japa (done with heart) – where karma and upasana both come together. 

When one wants a higher and deeper fruit, one has to put in effort and have one’s mind and intellect in it, then the results can reach “pitr” Loka and that’s all.

However when one does this with upasana and heart, one can reach Brahma loka, even become Brahma ji. 

Even if we want to send punya to our ancestors, they themselves have to be an “adhikari” for them to receive the punya. 

Vijay Uncle reviewed Beej Ramayana which was covered in Doha 13, 14, 15. 

He explains the Doha after 12 :  Ek Aneeh Arup Anaama.

Nirakar Nirgun Bhagawan – without akar and gunas. That has no form and which is Brahman. – Sat Chit Ananda. Reaching this is what is Mukti. 

There is no doership there. Even if there is a guna that comes in, they come in 3 called Pragati – Sattva, Rajas, Tamas. Then we call Ishwar. There cannot be Ishwar without Jiva.

 Brahman can be referenced only if there is Jiva. Brahman is there, not expressive. – just an observer. 

When a doer wants a result, this entity would manifest and would be called Ishwar – Bhagawan. 

When one realizes Bhagawan it opens the door for Brahman, otherwise, we are stuck with Ignorance – Alpagya. 

We ask for a particular form of Bhagawan and it is manifested as that form. We need to understand this Sambandha. 

Within the Beej Ramayana, Shri Tulsidas offers his Pranams to everybody – Vedas, Brahma, Devas, Brahman under different levels. 

After 16th Doha, He gives his Pranams to Bharath ji first. He is the first with respect to Dharma. 

He references Shri Lakshman and Shri Shatrughan as well here.

After recap, we get to the current doha – 27 for a quick review

 27.2 Vijay ji differentiates Krpa and Daya. One has to ask for grace. However, one gives freely when there is Daya. When there is this Sambandha, Daya flows with Krpa. 

27.4 Shastra is Pramana. Everything is written in Manu smrti for us. We are Bhagawan Manu’s children. Everything is prescribed for us. 

For example an exemplary Raja will have three vital qualities – he should be like sadhu, buddhiman and susheel.

27.5 A good Raja has good values – vani, vinay, namrata etc. He should have an entire history of the person who comes to him. He should be genuine and just.

27.6 Shri Rama is the jewel among monarchs, who ONLY sees the goodness in us. 

All the bad is not even seen by him. Such is the Greatness o Shri Rama. He only sees Visudha Prem. 

28.1 Shri Tulsidas ji is so humble, mentions that he is a servant. Shri Tulsidas ji says that Shri Rama doesn’t even consider any of his vices. 

Even in dreams, he will not take in to consideration any of his bad qualities. 

28.2 Integration of mind and intellect. When that happens intuition develops. It comes from the heart (hrudaya). One has to have a pure and a good heart. 

Bhakt and sevaks have free entry to Shri Rama’s heart – vishudh prem. Raag and dvesh are our worst enemies. We have to get rid of them.

28.3 / 28.4

Bhaktas, no matter how many mistakes they make, Bhagawan neglects all of them and only thinks of THAT ONE good quality that she/he does.  Raag and dvesh go hand in hand, hence we have to be careful about them. 

He talks about Sugreev and Vibheeshan. Even though Shri Rama knew everything, he praises their help Sugreev protecting Shri Rama and Vibheeshan giving secret about Ravana’s nabhi, which comes handy defeating Ravana. 

Both Sugreev and Vibheeshan had vasanas for rajya and stree.  However both are Shri Rama’s Bhaktas. Great people should not be judged by small people like us. 

When there is Bhakti ( for Shastra, Ishwar, Guru), worldly things are taken care of. However, the faith has to be really strong. One can realize Bhagawan in NO TIME. Just that kind of faith is necessary – Atoot Shraddha and Bhakti. 

Do. 29.A

One’s Guru has to be always considered above them – in your hearts. Without Guru, faith cannot be developed. 

Shri Rama is described as Sheelnidhan – treasure of Virtues. When one has faith, Shri Rama will give that treasure to us. 

We have a choice to change our shaky minds right now. 

Our lives are short, so let us take advantage of Shastras and live by them. Let this not be an entertainment.

Do. 29.B, 29.C

Shri Tulsidas ji gives away his weaknesses and surrenders under Shri Rama. He is hoping to wash away al the impurities in him. 

Ramcharit Manas is not a story, we need to look beyond and pay attention to Siddhanth. 

Harih Aum!

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